Coconut hair mask

Those who know me well will know I'm OBSESSED with coconut oil I use it for everything! It has been amazing for my eczema (I get it all over my feet!) and I use it for other things as well but today I want to talk about using it for a hair mask!!!!. Since I … Continue reading Coconut hair mask


How I treat my eczema.

I get I type of eczema called Dyshidrosis Eczema. Where hands and feet get itchy little blisters all over they eventually go down like any blister then the skin gets super dry and peels (yeah gross!) after that my skin gets so dry is cracks and bleeds it's ouch!.  So above the right side is … Continue reading How I treat my eczema.

lush Ultrabalm

The lush ultrabalm is always a favourite of mine I've bought it quite a few times now and I have a feeling I've blogged it a long while ago haha but I don't care I love this product so much ultrabalm is made up of 3 ingredients who thought something so amazing could be made … Continue reading lush Ultrabalm

lush bubblegum lip scrub

lush bubblegum lip scrub for as long as ive seen bloggers and vloggers have been raving about this lip scrub and I have to agree its pretty amazing and its sweet too BONUS! like most lush products its vegan friendly which is good I'm personally not a vegetarian or vegan but I love the idea of … Continue reading lush bubblegum lip scrub

Book review- normal by Graeme Cameron

normal is a crime novel but unlike most crime books its written from the serial killers point of view now before you all get concerned its not a gory book but if you like Dextor you will like this one. its based on a serial killed that's living life under the radar he shops like … Continue reading Book review- normal by Graeme Cameron

Social eyes half lashes.

i honestly like half lashes More than full ones only for the fact that no everyone needs full ones. Social eyes where first given to me as a gift from my makeup academy but I've continued to buy them for my kit (after using the gift on my self)     This company also do full … Continue reading Social eyes half lashes.