Coconut hair mask

Those who know me well will know I'm OBSESSED with coconut oil I use it for everything! It has been amazing for my eczema (I get it all over my feet!) and I use it for other things as well but today I want to talk about using it for a hair mask!!!!. Since I … Continue reading Coconut hair mask


How I treat my eczema.

I get I type of eczema called Dyshidrosis Eczema. Where hands and feet get itchy little blisters all over they eventually go down like any blister then the skin gets super dry and peels (yeah gross!) after that my skin gets so dry is cracks and bleeds it's ouch!.  So above the right side is … Continue reading How I treat my eczema.

Maybelline the nudes palette 

I got this baby at a half price sale I truly believe that every one should have a neutral palette in there makeup not just to do hole neutral eye makeup looks but but for any look. I'm not saying you all should run out and buy this pallet immediately but all of you out there … Continue reading Maybelline the nudes palette 

Maybelline browsatin.

the idea of this product personally I think is pretty good this double ended beauty is perfect for those who like to do a quick fill in or like to have a quick options for when there running late.  One end has a powder inside of it for filling in it comes out through the spounge … Continue reading Maybelline browsatin.

Maybelline baby skin pore eraser 

My first thought of this Prada name is a little bit creepy baby skin? Not feeling it. Is just me but it kind of has a silence of the lambs vibe to it. Moving on this is definitely a silicone-based primer which is the kind of primer I tend to stick to. I do really … Continue reading Maybelline baby skin pore eraser 

September obsessions 

Wow September is over already!!!  Well here they are my September favorites!  1.  Essence quick and easy sponge nail polish remover i know these have been out for a while and I've only just got into them but because of my tremor I most of the time avoid painting my nails. This is super easy … Continue reading September obsessions 

Maybelline colordrama lip pencil 

I was mainly attracted to these because there pencils  and I love try different things                  I'm loving these lip pencils they last well. I'm finding more and more the Matt lip sticks stay on heaps better than anything else. The only problem is that I have naturally dry lips so … Continue reading Maybelline colordrama lip pencil 

My thoughts on different lipbalms Pt 1

hi hi hi. So since I have such a lipbalm obsession I thought I would start trying different ones and giving you my personal opinion on them. 1. Carmex lipbalm this says its limited edition but that's just the hole leopard print thing. Carmax although not my favorite lipbalm out there it is my go … Continue reading My thoughts on different lipbalms Pt 1