Cancer update

Hey guys, Just an update on how I'm going and all......... I had an appointment to sign all the paperwork for my port-a-Cath (there's a link there for you all who don't know what it is) now I just have to wait for them to call with a time and date. I had my chemo … Continue reading Cancer update


Maybelline tattoo brow

I'm not going to lie I really really wanted to love this product but it fell way short of my expectations.... once again the add made it look really fabulous and when I had it in my hands nope nope. The advertisement made it seem like it would just peeled of easily but I'm yet … Continue reading Maybelline tattoo brow

My brain tumour story

Hi guys, I'm writing this to share my story about what happening to me. I have always had health problems so nothing surprises my family any more. One morning a month ago I woke up and kept having spasms on the left side of my body. Full on spasms where I couldn't even use my … Continue reading My brain tumour story

Coconut hair mask

Those who know me well will know I'm OBSESSED with coconut oil I use it for everything! It has been amazing for my eczema (I get it all over my feet!) and I use it for other things as well but today I want to talk about using it for a hair mask!!!!. Since I … Continue reading Coconut hair mask

How I treat my eczema.

I get I type of eczema called Dyshidrosis Eczema. Where hands and feet get itchy little blisters all over they eventually go down like any blister then the skin gets super dry and peels (yeah gross!) after that my skin gets so dry is cracks and bleeds it's ouch!.  So above the right side is … Continue reading How I treat my eczema.

Ogx Nourishing coconut milk shampoo &  conditioner 

       I'm not going to lie I was not fussed on this shampoo and conditioner for the price you pay. This brand full price is around $20 each. Personally think this is no better than any other brand you buy e.g parmolive or Pantene. I sadly personally wouldn't waste your money!. I can't even … Continue reading Ogx Nourishing coconut milk shampoo &  conditioner 

Boe professional custom contour & highlight 

     For those of you on a budget this product is great! And considering I'm still job hunting that counts me in for sure. A simple easy afordable kit this brand unfortunately I've had only hit and misses but this product it's self is a hit oviously. The highlight is a awesome nice shimmer which … Continue reading Boe professional custom contour & highlight 

Maybelline the nudes palette 

I got this baby at a half price sale I truly believe that every one should have a neutral palette in there makeup not just to do hole neutral eye makeup looks but but for any look. I'm not saying you all should run out and buy this pallet immediately but all of you out there … Continue reading Maybelline the nudes palette 

Holly Maree world – Life updates 

Hi hi all  So this is just a life update post for all of you I've made some changes to my blog/YouTube/makeup artists page and just life in general thought I would start going them monthly for you guys just for something different now that all my study and stress I'd over I'll be around … Continue reading Holly Maree world – Life updates 

Goodbye 2015

Well wow 2015 is over bye bye gone so in reflection wow what a year.............. Do what you love! Made for makeup!. It started off as a dream that I never thought I would accomplish. . . . About 3-4 years ago I was having lunch with a friend and she said to me your … Continue reading Goodbye 2015