Australis match maker.

The idea of this product is fantastic but that's were ended with this. unfortunately the dark Too dark and the bottles are messy  To say a little goes a long way with this product would be a totally not exaggerating enough because a little goes a really really really really long way in fact a … Continue reading Australis match maker.


Natio maxi pallette

Ok so this came in at work after the makeup sale in the next catalog (I work at priceline) this baby has 24 eyeshadow colours a contour pallette and a blush pallette and some brushes  for the purposes of my blogging and reviewing I used this pallette with only the brushes enclosed. ​ The brushes I'll … Continue reading Natio maxi pallette

Colourpop haul part 2! Eyeshadows 

COLOURPOP haul! Part 1 (Lippy stix’s)

This was the first time I've ever bought from colourpop and I was really surprised how good the they are for the price you pay. I'm loving them! Highly recommend 

Garnier bb cream for oily to combination skin

I've always gone for oily combination skin because well  I have classic combination skin I've tried a few bn creams al pretty much have always gone back to this one. So to start off this one is thinner in constantce than the other garnier bb range it is oil free and contains SPF 15.  I … Continue reading Garnier bb cream for oily to combination skin

Swiss multivitamin repair body oil

CANBERRA IS DRY! haha yeah this year more than ever over noticed how dry my skin gets in winter in Canberra...... I never had this problem in Sydney.  I've been using this for a couple of weeks now for a few reasons I've found it really good for my eczema (as long as there is … Continue reading Swiss multivitamin repair body oil

Lip balm comparison!!!

So me being a lipbalm lover I thought I would compare a major skin care ranges lip balms I went for these two mostly because they both have the French thermal water in them and there both brands recommend by dermatologist for sensitive skin and eczema/acne skin unfortunately I have problems with all of those … Continue reading Lip balm comparison!!!

Lancôme juicy shaker

So I've been seeing these all over the place on social media and well I had to try it and it's honestly a lip product like no other I've tried before. It's like a gloss but not! It's a oil base with pigment in it. It give you shine with a tint of colour. This … Continue reading Lancôme juicy shaker

Australis oh 2 glow foundation 

Unfortunately the something about this foundation I just don't like tried this many ways as I could and could never like it but any way here is my review. Keep in mind that some foundations don't go well for some skin types this review is based solely on my thoughts and opinions from my experiences on … Continue reading Australis oh 2 glow foundation 

Australis full on foundation 

      We all have times where we need a thicker foundation weather it's because you have naturally red skin or brake outs but I do find that because it's thicker if you do have dry or combination skin it will dry it out a little if you use it everyday this is the kind … Continue reading Australis full on foundation