Coconut hair mask

Those who know me well will know I'm OBSESSED with coconut oil I use it for everything! It has been amazing for my eczema (I get it all over my feet!) and I use it for other things as well but today I want to talk about using it for a hair mask!!!!. Since I … Continue reading Coconut hair mask


How I treat my eczema.

I get I type of eczema called Dyshidrosis Eczema. Where hands and feet get itchy little blisters all over they eventually go down like any blister then the skin gets super dry and peels (yeah gross!) after that my skin gets so dry is cracks and bleeds it's ouch!.  So above the right side is … Continue reading How I treat my eczema.

The Nuroloigist 

today I'm going to see the Nuroloigist to see if there is any thing else I cause take or do for my essential tremor as the low blood pressure the medication I'm on is getting to much and it got me thinking!. how many of you make the best of your good health? how many … Continue reading The Nuroloigist 

Why the iPhone 6 plus is amazing for people with essential tremor.

when I got the iPhone 6 plus I kinda had a moment of panic "omg this is so big what have I done"  but now I think it's amazing the keyboard is so much bigger which is good because sometimes well at least once a day my thumb goes crazy. iPhone 6 plus is amazing … Continue reading Why the iPhone 6 plus is amazing for people with essential tremor.

The struggle is real.

hi guys, I just what you all to know that I'm struggling with low blood pressure and all the symptoms that come with it so if my blog post all over the place that is why 😘😘😘 the medication I take for my tremor also lowers my blood pressure and low blood pressure sucks!

essential tremor.

Essential tremor     Ok hi guys I wanna get real on you for a sec and in away educate a little. No this is not makeup related so if you're not interested in the real stuff you can leave now... It's not makeup related but it effects my makeup.  I have a condition called essential … Continue reading essential tremor.