Here is a friendly guide of questions I get all the time but most people are afraid to ask because they don’t want to sound rude :-).

Q: why are your spelling and grammar so bad?

A: I’m dyslexic and a slow learner sorry if that annoys you but it’s not stopping me from doing something I love.

Q: does this tremor you talk about really exist?

A: yes it does it’s called essential tremor and it’s a neurological disorder that means my legs and hands shake all the time.

Q: like Parkinson’s?

A: no, it’s the opposite Parkinson’s is a resting tremor essential tremor is a movement tremor.

Q: how can you become a makeup artist when you have this disorder?

A: Honestly it hasn’t been easy I’ve pushed my self a lot but I am better at makeup on others than my self.

Q: with your tremor is there anything you can’t do?

A: it’s progressive so there will be stuff I can’t to in the long run. Now u can’t wear high heels, painting my nails is a challenge, eyeliner and fake lashes on my self are a challenge (the fact I need glasses doesn’t help) I can’t carry anything too heavy or awkward.

Q: what other qualifications do you have?

A: I have cert 3 in community pharmacy (qualified pharmacy assistant) and cert in cosmetic tanning.


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