Bran cancer thoughts

Do you hate cancer as much as I do??? Well try living with brain cancer! wishing for a cure .... I do every day. Some people believe that you have surgery, radiation and chemo after that every thing works out fine I’ll be honest I thought this too (believe me I really did) ..... the … Continue reading Bran cancer thoughts


My sister is amazing in my eyes

Lots of people sent me flowers when I was diagnosed don't get me wrong I love getting flowers and I love the feeling getting them gives but honestly %70 of people that sent them to me don't really talk to me that much but I'm not going to be one of those people and that's … Continue reading My sister is amazing in my eyes

Yrgear pillow

*Please note the following post is gift from yrgear but is all my own opinions* Someone approached me asking me if I wanted a pillow shaped like a cactus in return for a blog post and photos on Instagram. This pillow is super cute and arrived on time shipping didn't take long at all. Pillow … Continue reading Yrgear pillow

Skin care advice for those going through chemo

So chemo and radiation have left my skin really dry. No joke it's horrible than when you get your chemo break your skin just gets back to normal then you have to start again. So I've got my self into the Routine of slathering moisture on my self before getting into bed. My favourite at … Continue reading Skin care advice for those going through chemo

Bundaberg ginger beer is my best friend- cancer update

Hey all. So I'm doing ok for chemo. . . I've been lucky so far no crazy vomiting or anything I've had a lot of nausea through a lot of ginger beer is my best friend atm seriously anything ginger is the best!!! But also drugs hahaha the ginger beer is awesome while I'm waiting … Continue reading Bundaberg ginger beer is my best friend- cancer update

Cancer update

Hey guys, Just an update on how I'm going and all......... I had an appointment to sign all the paperwork for my port-a-Cath (there's a link there for you all who don't know what it is) now I just have to wait for them to call with a time and date. I had my chemo … Continue reading Cancer update

Maybelline tattoo brow

I'm not going to lie I really really wanted to love this product but it fell way short of my expectations.... once again the add made it look really fabulous and when I had it in my hands nope nope. The advertisement made it seem like it would just peeled of easily but I'm yet … Continue reading Maybelline tattoo brow

People asking to help

I've had a lot of people asking if they can help me in any way atm. If you really really want to I have a my cause page you can put money towards. My cause page

Update on brain cancer treatment.

Hey all So I've been absent why you ask .... I've been absolutely exhausted from radiation treatment after tomorrow's radiation I'll be half way through radiation therapy. So far I've had may hear in the radiation area fall out..... brain swelling nausea and headaches. HA! If this is radiation I'm not looking forward to chemo. … Continue reading Update on brain cancer treatment.

Brain cancer update

So after having 3 seizures in 24 hours I ended up in the hospital for 6 hours on Monday arvo they did scans to make sure my tumor had not grown and it hadn't and they did blood tests that came back normal for me. I have an oncology appointment tomorrow morning and radiation therapy … Continue reading Brain cancer update