My sister is amazing in my eyes

Lots of people sent me flowers when I was diagnosed don’t get me wrong I love getting flowers and I love the feeling getting them gives but honestly %70 of people that sent them to me don’t really talk to me that much but I’m not going to be one of those people and that’s what this blog post is about.

My sister and I have never really been heaps close growing up we always found something to fight about and when we lived together as adults well same thing. Our relationship has improved a lot since we don’t live together anymore. Honestly she’s everything I wish I could be ……..

When they first found my tumor she came up from Sydney to Canberra for my operation. She stayed for half a week it meant more than I could ever say. So the way it goes was they removed part of my tumor but not all because I would have been left disabled and they sent the other part away to test what kind of tumor it was this took weeks I hated the wait. My dad was away for work and they let him come home for me for a few weeks…. I never forget the day I found out I had cancer we got taken into a small room at the hospital out patient and told I had a grade 2 tumor called oligodendroglioma yeah I’ll be honest I can’t even pronounce it I normally show people it written to explain it.

I was in shock once the dr explained it 2 times I started crying I was honestly scared like what does this mean for my future. We came out of the hospital being told that oncology would be in contact and a print out on the type of cancer.

More people sent flowers the reason I related flowers to this is because my big sister never sent flowers she did something one step better ……. she said “I’m going to do the city to surf (Sydney) to raise money for cancer research”. At first I thought omg your amazing but will it happen believe it or not she did and she raised $3100 that was a little over her target.

Why this means so much to me you might be thinking?. Instead of sending flowers that die she said I’m going to do something to help others with brain cancer. I’m so incredibly proud of her.

Not just that, that she finished the city to surf.

I love her more than words.


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