Yrgear pillow

*Please note the following post is gift from yrgear but is all my own opinions*

Someone approached me asking me if I wanted a pillow shaped like a cactus in return for a blog post and photos on Instagram.

This pillow is super cute and arrived on time shipping didn’t take long at all. Pillow at self only took them about a week to arrive when I got I was immediately excited loved it put it in the chair where I crochet in of a night when the family watch tv.

It is a super cute pillow. I use it all the time lol and I don’t watch out mister there try’s to sit on it too. It has a convenient zipper we can take the stuffing out and wash the cover if need be which I have also done a few times and it comes out like new.

The web site it easy to use and Australian too. They have a good range of things to pick from Mac book covers to Pillows to sunglasses. In fact there’s a heap of stuff I’m eyeing off on there website.

Holly maree xx



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