Update on brain cancer treatment.

Hey all

So I’ve been absent why you ask …. I’ve been absolutely exhausted from radiation treatment after tomorrow’s radiation I’ll be half way through radiation therapy. So far I’ve had may hear in the radiation area fall out….. brain swelling nausea and headaches. HA! If this is radiation I’m not looking forward to chemo.

So for you that have stumbled across my little old blog and are wondering about radiation because your about to have it I can say with confidence I don’t feel a thing. Get all the sleep you need! Trust me you might not feel tired at first but I’m 14 sessions in and boy I get so tired easily. So things in bursts of energy I always when cleaning do a bit sit for a little do a bit more if you don’t you will be recked the next day.

My father has been in Afghanistan for work and the army have been amazing they even sent him home for my surgery.

I now have 5 radiation sessions left and a lot of hair loss lol. I’ve been writing this post over a few weeks because I’ve been so tired I gat a month off treatment then 6 months chemo (totally not looking forward to it)

So what would be my tips for any one getting radiation therapy on there brain???

• cut your hair short I know I had hair down to my bum but I sucked it up and cut it short so it didn’t look funny when it started to fall out.

• shave your hair all off at the end so it will all grow evenly back.

• get as much sleep as possible! I quite often come out of my radiation feeling like all the energy had been zapped out of me…. listen to your body and sleep when you need it.

• unless you go private take what ever appointment times you can get….. Medicare covered mine and we just took what ever appointments I could get cancer is to serious to be fussy.

• be nice to the nurse they actually work really hard.

•any questions you think of make note of them In A diary so you don’t forget what they are questions big or small.

My final advice is be brave it’s ok to be anxious I’ve been so so anxious in not going to lie.


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