My brain tumour story

Hi guys,

I’m writing this to share my story about what happening to me.

I have always had health problems so nothing surprises my family any more. One morning a month ago I woke up and kept having spasms on the left side of my body. Full on spasms where I couldn’t even use my hand when it happened. Mum thought at the time it was something to do with my essential tremor and brushed it off as not much. 3 days later I was still getting them and it was scary so I went to the dr and my dr asked why didn’t you go to emergency?. So that afternoon we went to emergency the doctor that saw me referred to a neurologist and came back saying it wasn’t urgent enough to actually see him but they wanted to send me away to get a mri another day and we’ll go from there…… ok.

I booked the mri and a week later I had it done. The next day my dr rings my mother and I in a panic wanting us both to come in. She informed me I had a 41mm tumor on my brain and she sent us to the hospital right away. They admitted me and put me on the anti seizure medication turns out the spasms where actually seizures 😓. I was in hospital for 2 days while they got the medication right then I got another mri and was booked in for surgery to remove it. I cut my short to make it easier to manage while I recover.

ved the surgery before mine went long and I had to be there at 7am and I didn't go I till 2pm the operation it's self took 6 hours.

Afterward I woke up in recovery with a massive headache and 22 staples. Then I got taken up to the neurology ward where I had observations every hour for the first day.

The first time I stood up after my operation I felt really ill.

I got massive headaches after. I still get them my operation was on the 7th of November and I went back this week for my check up and was shocked to find out I have a grade 2 Oligodendroglioma tumor they got as much out as possible but if they took it all I would end up disabled:-(. So not I have to go to oncology and most probably have chemo I’ll find out more next week.

how am I feeling about this ?? Scared shitless

I’ll update you guys when I know more



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