My no poo experiment.

So I’ve read a lot about “no pooing”  and me being me loves to try things like this so here we go……

No poo is a “anti shampoo” movement the idea is that all the chemicals in shampoo are not good for your hair and people find alternative ways. This way was so cheep I had to try that and I love a challenge.

So this way was using bi-carb soda/baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Basically 1 tbs bi-carb in 1 cup of water first then apple cider vinegar is the same pretty much I have long hair so I did 2 tbs to a cup of water. It took me a while to get the hang of this I have long hair really long hair so I had to do 2 cups of the mixture. Long hair life!. 

Bi-carb is so many uses its insane! I seriously go through so much of it! From in wash whitener to carpet deodorisation AND A TONE of beauty uses so since I lost my job at the start of the month I’ve been looking at more alternative ways to use household products….. 

And then we get to the no poo experiment not get me wrong I can actually afford shampoo and conditioner it’s just this was too interesting to pass up. For me it was a more of a “does this thing really work” (this was totally intended to be read in classic bunny- grav3yeard girl voice). So I tried this for a week just to see ……. First try was a little iffy because i didn’t have to mix to hair ratio right but still I was highly impressed specially concidered my hair was super dirty! My roots still felt a little dirty but the rest was perfect. The next time I double the mixture and it came out perfectly! Now i normally wash my hair 2 times a week (I don’t care if you think that’s gross) but doing no poo my hair needed to be done two times more. ( that part doesn’t bother me it’s more being lazy than anything). 

All in all it totally works for me in winter a avoid washing my hair so much because Canberra is freezing. 

Thank you as always for reading 

Holly Maree 


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