My top 4 favourite Snapchaters

Hi guys I thought I would do something a little different and tell you guys about my favourite snappers. People I always look at there snaps first. These are in no order at all.

Olive moon- student by day cross dress by night! Mad makeup skills! No lie! Living in Perth Australia!

Saccone joly are an Irish family living in the U.K. Vloggers on YouTube and quiet possibly the cutest family alive!

John kuckian is a YouTuber that does scandal videos on makeup companies and other YouTubers he dose his research and states the facts of scandal. His adorable I love him

Louna is last but not least as she’s probably my most favourite she’s also a YouTuber, musician and beauty lover but the reason I love her most is that she’s so open about her struggles with mental health. This lovely lady is an inspiration. I’ve struggled too so seeing someone like her that’s so open in amazing
So that’s it just a fun little blog post for something different based on Snapchater I love to watch. Ones maybe you’ll be interested in too. I also use Instagram story…. but maybe there’s a story for another day.

Holly xoxo


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