L’Oréal infallible total cover 

i quite often feel why loreals intentionsimg_1241are good but there advertising is really miss leading. Me personally i love a challange so while there advertising as always is oviously over photoshoped to the point where the nails dont even look real i had to see if this covers tattoos like they imply . I put my makeup artist bran to work and used both there concealer pallet and the foundation so first comment is that there lightest colour didn’t even match to my arm which is disappointing to be honest you think if there going to advertise that it covers tattoos as well you think they would make a bigger variation of colours.

So below are pictures of my conceal of my bird tattoo… when I first did it from a distance you couldn’t really still see it but close up you can apart from the foundation colour is a tad to dark for my skin tone I also took photos of 4 hours later and 8 because I also wanted to test the lasting power of this product. I felt like after a while it kinda looked flaky?/cracked (as pictured below) now i hate to sound like im picking on them but seriously there ad implys it you think they would come through with the goods!.

all in all i think the foundation is ok would i buy it my self unfortunaly no its just not my cup of tea i find that canberra in summer is just a bit to hot for foundation that thickand i personally dont like to have my foundation to think especially when i put powder and countour and highlight on top.


after 4 hours
freshly done close up
freshly done further away

All the products I review are all my own opinions. Please remember everyone has different skin types what doesn’t work for me might work for you. All products I review have been paid for out of my own out of my own money unless I state other wise. 

thanks for reading

holly maree mua xx


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