Lush Aromaco solid deodorant.

I love finding healthy non chemical alternatives to things in life I’ve alway been a little bit hippy at heart. 

You might this how on earth does it work I thought the same thing well! It has chamomile vinegar and which hazel in it that help tighten the pores so your sweat less (well than with out deodorant and sodium bicarbonate which helps neutralise odour. 

It has patulie in it so it smells really earthy if your not into that kind of thing than this might not be for you. So here is my thoughts on it….. 

I’ve used this for a week Now and I’m actually really impressed I was half expecting to trying it and then end up stinking my work place out being known as the girl with B.O I found although I did still sweat I didn’t smell (the sweating doesn’t bother me as long and I don’t smell. The down fall is it does feel rough at first because it’s a bar and they cut it as you want it but I’m finding that as I use it I’m smoothing it down bit. Would I buy this product again you ask? Hell yes! In fact I really want to try there other solid deodorant t’eo 

Holly maree xoxo

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