Some of My Current favourites!

Ok so here are just SOME of my current faves!
From left to right.

1. Schwartzkopf Ultimate repair– I’ve been loving this product specially the spray formula. Not going to lie dying my hair all time can make it feel really drained damaged. I feel it leaves me hair nice and soft. 

2. Lush karma perfume- in my hunt for a perfume that doesn’t set off my eczema I found this baby! 

3. Thursday plantation lavender oil- so while this baby isn’t a beauty product I use it for my “beauty sleep” lol so I count it. I can’t get enough of lavender oil at the moment I bought a defuser a few weeks ago and I put on every night I just find it so relaxing! 

4. Thank you hand cream– this bad boy comes in two smells and I use them both. I unfortunately get eczema on my hands and this stuff has been amazing. Smells nice and has nothing nasty in it!. Ive been trying to avoid skin care with to much in it like palm oil and sls. 

5. Thank you vanilla and coconut body lotion – same goes from the hand cream this smells Devine to be honest!. I use it all the time I just wish it had a pump top. 

6. Lady Jane hair tie bow– I got this baby at Priceline there %20 off the lady Jane range at the moment (until the 23/1/17) it’s just a little some thing to add to my hair styles. 


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