L’Oréal Miss manga mega volume mascara 

The big secret to manga eyes!!! Meg volume top and bottom lashes. . . . The packet says. This is one of the new lóréal mascaras that’s mean to have a 360• cone shaped brush

Ok so my first problem with this mascara is that the advertising (as above) gives you the impression that the brush that it bends and stays but no it doesn’t it s just flexible and to be honest I personally haven’t found that useful at all. So I noticed on the back of the pack there is a bit that says look on YouTube so I did out of interest all I could find was a few ads from L’Oréal from different countries • Indonesia L’Oréal •U.K. And Ireland • USA• 

Back of the packaging
I thought it was weird how they brag in there advertising that there the first company to have the 360 brush but when the model used it  normally.. what’s the go L’Oréal?. 

So enough of my questions and back to what I personally thought of this mascara. I have mixed feelings about it I’ll be honest once I got over the initial disappointment about the brush. The mascara it’s self was average I found that I personally found it smudged on my bottom lashs easily and at the end of the day I would have a nice panda style look going. I find this really disappointing so would I buy this again no way but I’ll use it up.
Holly maree mua xx


All the products I review are all my own opinions. Please remember everyone has different skin types what doesn’t work for me might work for you. All products I review have been paid for out of my own out of my own money unless I state other wise. 


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