Models prefer straightening comb 

I was a bit sceptical i about this straightening comb not because of the brand but because there is so many cheap electric hair tools out there at the moment and a lot of them don’t work. This baby here is available at Priceline (on sale at the moment for $39.95 normally $49.95) after being sceptical I have to admit I was surprised.  By the picture on the box you can’t really tell the look of it but it’s like a triangle shaped comb.

The shape

So the basic into. It has a temperature option it has a light up display that flashes untill ready. It goes as high at 200•c. 

Would I say it’s quicker than using my ghd a little it might be more once I get use to it. I love the idea of just combing my hair and it’s straight but I wouldn’t say it’s as good a my ghd ….. if ghd came out with one of these I would totally buy it.

The result I got

My hair is this and curly thanks to my mothers side of the family (my dads is thick and curly so glad I didn’t get that!) so it took me about 20 minutes to do this while watching tv. It’s just a super easy brushing motion. I liked it because I didn’t have to focus as much on straightening like with a normal straighter. 

Thanks as always for reading lovelys 

Holly xx


All the products I review are all my own opinions. Please remember everyone has different skin types what doesn’t work for me might work for you. All products I review have been paid for out of my own out of my own money unless I state other wise. 


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