Australis match maker.

The idea of this product is fantastic but that’s were ended with this. unfortunately the dark Too dark and the bottles are messy 
To say a little goes a long way with this product would be a totally not exaggerating enough because a little goes a really really really really long way in fact a little bit and go to far away very quickly.

I’m glad I work at Priceline a got play with product without buying it
I grabbed the lightest of Maybelline foundation just to crossed Brands and really test it out. I put some in the back my hand with a smallest drop of Australis match maker dark. I found it went too dark almost greyish looking. It was also very messy messy to mix and the bottle gets messy.

I think when Australis thought of this idea they didn’t think that the average person doesn’t have a mixing palette and spatula like I would in my kit and as much as I love makeup I know hate having my hands covered in it. 

The white works better then the dark but the dark is too dark. Not surprisingly it sold out really fast and the dark is still full

I hope they work ok this one. Because it’s an awesome idea (even if the body shop did it first) 

Unfortunately I see Australis match maker as a miss match

Holly maree xx 

All the products I review are all my own opinions. Please remember everyone has different skin types what doesn’t work for me might work for you. I pay for the products I review out of my own money unless I state other wise.


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