Natio maxi pallette

This is the photo I took of the stand at work (priceline Canberra city)
Ok so this came in at work after the makeup sale in the next catalog (I work at priceline) this baby has 24 eyeshadow colours a contour pallette and a blush pallette and some brushes  for the purposes of my blogging and reviewing I used this pallette with only the brushes enclosed. ​

The brushes I’ll be honest aren’t the best well there are 2 good ones the rest are crap!. But it’s also awesome for travel wooop wooop (I’m going to Sydney on the 18th)

There very pigmented that blush was actually a but to bright (I used the bottom right one in the blush palette)  but the contour was lovely!.

My look after a 8 hour day at work and a party (ignore the glasses marks)
Another image from work and a night out

The highlight is really pretty as you can see I don’t like a massive stand out highlighter on me(personal preference no judgement there). I love natio products. So when I saw this I had to try it!. I’ve even used the contour as eyeshadow. If your looking for an affordable palette that had a bit of Everything. I’m loving it. 

(The lashes I used where socialeyes delight) 

Love peace and happiness 

Holly maree xx

Brushes excluded


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