Let’s talk about eczema!! products I use.

I suffer from a type of eczema called dyshidrosis it’s a type of eczema where the skin blisters 😞 

A quick description of what it is.
Picture from google

I get it mainly on my hands and feet although I do occasionally get it elsewhere like arms this little blisters are extremely itchy once they go down they get dry and then the old skin comes off and I end up with super dry sometimes cracked skin. 

It’s on my fingers
My foot
Same foot (my skin is really dry I know)
At the moment it’s the worst it’s been in a while but me compared to some is nothing I hardly get it on my hands so i couldn’t work out why turns out it was from getting the perfume testers on my hands at work (It’s gotten worse since theses photos too)

So there is 2 brands I love to use on my eczema Avene and dermaveen. Dermaveen is awesome and affordable it has a huge rage Of oatmeal base products even a soak! 

Products I use

Sooo the products I use are in the picture above. Avene xeracalm a.d is amazing fast absorbing and really moisturering I use this one at home all the time lately my feet have been so bad I’ve been using it heaps. The Avene cicalfate is really good when your skin is dry and crack but non oozing skin. Cicalfate I use on the main problem areas it’s an amazing produc. 

The Swiss multivitamin repair oil I use after it settles down and it at the stage where it’s just really really dry skin. Dermaveen I use also but in the morning just because the oil is well oily lol. 

Holly maree xx


All the products I review are all my own opinions. Please remember everyone has different skin types what doesn’t work for me might work for you. All products I review have been paid for out of my own out of my own money unless I state other wise. 


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