Body positive and social media 

In world where there such a wide variety of people shapes and sizes I’m forever surprised and let down by the things people say to each other. I’m saying thing after I witness comments on a plus sized clothing page on Facebook… this girl said “this isn’t very flattering on you, your to busty … this is just my honest opinion”. Since when is it so easy to throw negatives out there with out a positive to go with it? why do we just have to just stomp on people?. It’s even easier to do these days when your behind a keyboard or smartphone.

Now I know that I normally blog about beauty and makeup but this one hits close to home for me because I’ve always struggled with my weight. So I’m sitting here at 12am writing this blog to you guys in the hope that you will read it and get something out of it. 

In a world where there is so much body shaming in general not just the plus sized but skinny as well why do we have to be mean to each other. When it comes to clothes not everyone’s style is for everyone. Don’t be so judgmental! Love each other! It’s a mans world out there they seem to and like to dominate at everything we need to stick together. 

We need to see the positives in each other not he negatives. We need to support each other. Use constructive criticism instead of flat out negatives. 

This is me holly maree mua just keeping it real :-*  a plus sized girl writing from the heart 
Holly maree mua xx 


2 thoughts on “Body positive and social media 

  1. Social media are generally very judge-y places. People argue and are mean to friends and strangers alike. Name-calling and shaming are rampant. I don’t know when society got to be so mean. It’s sad, really.


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