Garnier bb cream for oily to combination skin

I’ve always gone for oily combination skin because well  I have classic combination skin I’ve tried a few bn creams al pretty much have always gone back to this one.

So to start off this one is thinner in constantce than the other garnier bb range it is oil free and contains SPF 15. 

I have to admit this is become my go to okra I’m running late for work face base i’m not going to work sometimes I do my make up on the bus. I’m just not morning person. Personally I find the evens my complexion pretty well any redness in my cheeks and support that it will sort out. Exit her under a bag’s which I don’t think any BB cream cream really would hundred % cover. So it’s good for work or are ducking out to the shop but I wouldn’t say I would use it for a dinner or anything like that And for a better coverage are usually put a bit of powder over the top. For a thicker coverage at the moment I’m using Mac studio fix press powder. Sometimes I’ll even use a bit of Translucent powder to get rid of the shine. 

I did find that my face did get shiny through out the day specially if I have put a primer on I use the NYX blotting paper. 

The thing that annoyed me the most about this product was that this one is 40ml and the rest of the range is 50ml with no obvious explanation to why I did my usual thing and emailed the company asking why…….. I’m still waiting for a reply!. That annoys me more. So if and when they do, do a reply I’ll do and update for all those who are interested.
Holly xoxo


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