My horror nail salon visit

Ok so I love getting my acrylics done I just love having my nails looking nice makes the hands look pretty 💅🏼. 

So Saturday 1/10/16 my normal salon was busy so I Took a chance and went elsewhere (bad mistake) I needed a new set I was at that stage where my real nail underneath kept lifting up and the sides kept chipping (retail life) 

So I went into this other place and asked for a new set and my old set removed they said $60 and they could do it now I was like perfect. Now I haven’t done this for a few years but in the past the would soak them before pulling them off not this lady she filed them down a bit with the drill cut them with nail clippers then pulls out another nail from the box and starts to dig under them and flick My old set off…….. so the first 9 came of fine no. 10 my thumb not so easy so she dug and dug and dug a little more and then came a sharp pain and I was like oooo that hurts. The nail technician said sorry she stopped trying to go from that side and went from the other side. She ripped it off from the other side as she pulled it off I was like holy moly that hurt!!!! She lady said sorry and kept going!

So She kept going she put the prep stuff on and it stung and then she put the acrylic over the top. You can still see a bit of blood under the nail 😬😬😬😬😬

Holly Maree dx

the dry blood under

Lucky you couldn’t really see it at the end but I’m definitely not going back 


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