Australis oh 2 glow foundation 

Unfortunately the something about this foundation I just don’t like tried this many ways as I could and could never like it but any way here is my review.

Keep in mind that some foundations don’t go well for some skin types this review is based solely on my thoughts and opinions from my experiences on my skin alone. 

I found this foundation very thick! To the point where if I applied it with a brush I could see brush marks all though it does have good coverage. I just found it didn’t sit right on my skin…. I tryed applying it all different ways. I tried with a sponge, fingers and foundation brush and I just didn’t like the way it sat. I also tried different powers over the top foundation powders, Australis setting powder and Ben nye setting powder I was just not a fan of it but like I always say this is just my opinion and others might like this. I just found it left streak marks.

I do however have some pluses like always I do like have to find some positives in stuff I try. . . . This foundation has great coverage. It’s thick. The bottle is a pump like I always say there my favourite bottles.

Thanks as always for reading 

Holly xx 


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