What’s in my bag

This is the bag I’m using atm but I have a tone of bags this one is from Colette I love there bags 😍

First of all Medications I have a health problems unfortunately migraines, headaches, arthritis, asthma and essential tremor just to name a few so there is alway different medications in my bag unfortunately. 

My wallet and coin purse. My pallet is oroton my mum gave it to me for my birthday 2 years ago and my coin purse is from Colette as well. It was like $15 I think.

My first essentials in my bag. Wipes, hand cream and brush. 

– wipes we’ll ever since becoming a makeup artist I’ve discovered I can’t live with out them! There so handy and I use them all the time! These ones are vegan friendly in my vegan but my work likes to have a lot of vegan products. Wotnot is an amazing brand!

– coconut revelation hand cream I always have some kind of hand cream on me. I love my hand creams 

– and a hair brush it’s pretty self explanatory right 

– lip products!!! This was all I found in my bag today haha!. I tend to use tinted lip products at work because I don’t really need a mirror to reapply them. But i also have other lipsticks and lip products in here.


– hand sanitizer…. This one is a pharmacy one I got free from work 

-keys. I use a big fluffy key ring so I can find them easy in my bag 

– breath spray 

– mirror 

– gloves. Canberra is freezing 

– headphones. Transportation life I don’t drive.

– perfume 

– diary. Self explanatory 

-note note. For blog ideas. 

And that’s it I know this seems like a lot haha but if I’m just going to the shops or something I take a smaller bag with just my wallet keys and phone in it this is what comes to work with me.
Holly xx 


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