Lavera all rounder cream

This cream is always out of stock so I thought it must be good if it’s that popular!…. Hence the next lost we got in I put one aside and bout it in my next brake!. 

And I have to say there not wrong I’ve been using this stuff for a week and I’m loving it. I have really really dry feet at the moment….. Let’s just say I live in Canberra! And it’s cold and your skin drys out. 

Any way… I got this to try and wow.


– vegan friendly. I’ll admit I’m not vegan but! I like to try use products that are vegan/vegetarian friendly (I don’t want to start a debate) I do love animals but I do eat meat I like to do my little bit in my own way to help the fight against a I animal cruelty. (Please don’t start fights or accuse me of any thing).

– it has Shea butter and almond oil in it… There are 2 amazing ingredients. Both really moisturisering.

– it has a lovely faint orange smell I want to say it’s so delicate it’s beautiful.


I only have one con and in my opinion it’s not big enough for me to not want to buy it again!.

– the tin that it’s in will leek if you don’t sit this baby flat while it’s really full. I made this mistake an I got it all over my bed. 

This cream asorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy and my feet feel lovely already 

Holly xx


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