Avon luxe foundation 

This foundation the advertised it so well and built up hype but it totally missed the mark with me unfortunately. I’ve tried it different ways with different primers and just never could get it to sit right. You could see it sitting on the skin funny I tried it without primer (which we all know is a crime!) and with silicone based and water based. unless it’s not right for my skin type and it’s better for people for normal skin and not oilyness but in saying that it was never stated when I purchased it. I have read other reviews of people liking it so this as always is just my experience with it. I just found it didn’t sit flawlessly on my skin like most foundations it looks kinda patchy. 

In saying this I do have some positives to say 🙂

– It’s a very runny consistency which means you can apply as little or as much as you like so that’s a bonus if you do choose to try this foundation out. 

– it’s in a glass pump bottle I love foundations in pump bottles best personally. I just find there’s less mess.

– Avon are constantly having sales so if you keep your eye out you hardly ever have to pay full price for something. 


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