Australis full on foundation 


We all have times where we need a thicker foundation weather it’s because you have naturally red skin or brake outs but I do find that because it’s thicker if you do have dry or combination skin it will dry it out a little if you use it everyday this is the kind of foundation I would use for special events like dinners ect. 

This foundation as name suggests  is full on it has very big coverage. As a make up artist I believe that thick foundation quite often doesn’t look good depending on how you apply it. It is often better with a translucent powder over the top rather than a foundation powder. Using this foundation every day I found it made my skin very thirsty. Don’t get me wrong I do like this foundation. 

My top tips for this foundation:

• use a good sillicon based primer first.

• use a translucent powder over top rather than a powdered foundation.

•  I find for best even coverage to draw lines on my face with with stick and then blend with a sponge (when I say sponge I mean sponge when I started using stick foundations we didn’t have beauty blenders haha) any sponge will do as long as it’s a makeup one. For personal use I seriously just buy those big bags of them at big w or Kmart. 

• tone and moisturiser after removing. 


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