RIMMEL Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara in Extreme Black

I honestly had high hopes going in for this mascara. It just sounded so promising so far I’ve only been let down and then using this product for about three weeks and I don’t see any change in the lash colour like it says. 

So I’m the kind of person that wears mascara at least 5-6 days a week I give my skin one day breather from makeup a week even as a makeup artist. But is this mascara did what it claims you think in 3 weeks wearing it 5-6 days a week I would do something. 

So when I bought this mascara I thought that if it didn’t tint and it was still a awesome mascara that it would be OK. It went on amazingly the applicator was a nice shape and it coated my lashed evenly which is what every girl wants in a mascara!. 

But sadly that was the only positive I could find in this mascara I found it came off under my eyes easily and well made my 2 layers of concealer in the morning seem a bit pointless. It had this funny green tinge to it too when it did so. I was getting green bags ¡!¡. 
Holly xoxo


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