Body shop strawberry body mist

This product I like to refer to as posh body spray haha. There is other sents out there

This smells amazing A little goes along way this one smells really sweet so to much can be a bit much but at the same time I love the smell of it so much!.

Working in pharmacy sometimes I need something a little sweet to counter act the Sweaty feels of unloading stock and dealing with customers. There is always that one person that smells of body odour that makes you question if you put deodorant on that morning god love them!. I’m not complaining about customers I love pharmacy life and helping people just to clear that up.

Some of you may think that body sprays are for teenagers and I don’t blame you I did too but working in retail I have been noticing more and more that people of all ages are buying the old school impulse spay  (I’ve even had the elderly come in) and I only call them that because that’s what we used as a kid. Even men are buying Lynx and I know I know this is a blog about a lady’s spray.  Any way I’m loving this product as a go to sent for work or as I like to call it posh body spray.

the price can be a little bit of a turn off where I work sells impulse or $5.45 and this lovely body mist spray $17.95 (they have all different smells at different prices) its a little bit more pricy bit I see it as also peace of mind backing a company that cares about animals and the environment. There packaging is recycleable and made from recycled products ( thanks to lady at the body shop that answered all my questions about that stuff) 

I also feel that in not being an arasol can it makes this product last a lot longer …. Using a few pumps of this product rather than a long continuous spray #yay and of course arasols are not that good for the ozone layer. All in all if you are a lover of summer and fresh fruit that this body mist is totally for you! So what if summer to slowly fading make it stay haha!. Sure I personally am not a fan of strawberries but this smells amazing! 
Holly xx 


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