Diva cup ** warning period talk**

I have often been wondering about these things there not popular in Australia but they seem to be in the US and UK. I’ve seen my favourite YouTubers talk about them but always got turned off by the price ($59.95 au) so now I’m working again I decided to look back into it because being a pharmacy assistant and a makeup artist it’s just a little more convenient and I’ll tell you why.  We can’t always run off to the loo! To do these girly things and you can wear it over night!!!!!! I always hear story’s of girls ignoring the recommendations and unsung tampons over night. Diva cup you can actually use over night and you can leave it in for up to 12 hours at a time.

So my first experience with the diva cup . . . I honestly struggled with it a little but I liked it so much better than pads and tampons I think it’s worth the price. most people say that dont want to try it because of the blood factor but i personally didnt the way I see it, its no different that dealing with pads and tampons. all in all I would highly recommended it I found to comfort level amazing and I loved the fact that I could wear it over night.you just empty it every 12 hours clean it and pop it back in. just be patent the first period or 2 cant me tricky getting use to it


holly maree xx