Rimmel #instaflawless 

The main reason I got this was because the display stand said that it was a primer but when I got home it doesn’t really day that on the tube at all. But I’m going to blog about this any way! Lol.


Rimmel #instaglawless is a new product that rimmel has brought out the tube says skin tint when I picked this up the display said it was a primer.  But on the back it does say you can wear it to “extend the wear”.

It doesn’t state on the packaging but isn’t any silica in this product which means if you do buy it to use as a primer it’s no good for oily prone skin….. I have oily skin and using this for a week gave me pimples (IM 30!!). So hear is my list of pros and cons for you all.


– it’s not good for oily skin 

– it said on the stand it was a primer but not much about it on the package.

– not sillicon based 

– I could feel the oilyness after a while. Like I had to much makeup on my skin when I didn’t 


helps to mask redness and dark circles 

– good to give skin a illusion of perfection.
I personally think this would be perfect with a little bit of power over the top of a basic work day look. Although I am a makeup artist I don’t actually like to wear a lot of makeup to work. I feel that this product would really work for someone with normal skin but my experience with oily skin wasn’t good. 😦 
Holly xx 


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