Lovely lanolin lanolips intense hand balm

I’m obsessed with hand cream I’m always looking for the perfect one. I currently have like 3-4 to try this one I picked up from my work it was priced at $14.95 so it’s what I would say a little pricy  then again the most expensive hand cream I’ve gotten was $25.

This one I would say is alright would I buy it again…. ummm probably not the way I see it there is ones cheaper than this that do the same thing. For me to by a $15 hand cream again it has to be pretty good. 

I’m not saying this hand cream was crap don’t get me wrong it was average and did the job I just think there are cheaper ones out there that do the same thing.

So on the good side……

This company uses %100 natural and cruelty free lanolin they don’t test on animals and made on Australia ❤️ 

It’s got no artificial fragrances, petroleum or parabens either. And is “98.59%” natural 

The negative is it’s only a 50ml tube I personally just found that a little small.
Holly xx


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