Ogx Nourishing coconut milk shampoo &  conditioner 



I’m not going to lie I was not fussed on this shampoo and conditioner for the price you pay. This brand full price is around $20 each. Personally think this is no better than any other brand you buy e.g parmolive or Pantene. I sadly personally wouldn’t waste your money!. I can’t even smell it once I’m out of the shower like most cheap shampoos which I like to be honest because it give me the extra oooo clean hair feeling.


3 thoughts on “Ogx Nourishing coconut milk shampoo &  conditioner 

  1. I just wanted to share that at Walmart I paid less than $6 or $7 each for these. I fried my hair bleaching and dying it so I tried the Vitiman E shampoo and the Argon Oil conditioner. My hair was completely healthy again before the bottles were empty. I went back to my normal shampoo because it’s cheaper but I’d definitely use it again. Hope you find it cheaper if you did like it.

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    1. I’ve only tried the coconut one but in Australia there $19 (depending on sales or where you go) each $38 is a lot to pay to wash on your hair. 😁 with I had your pricing. 😀 next time there on sale I’ll get the argon oil one to try

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