Nailene acrylic sculpture kit 


$24.95 from priceline
left hand complete

I got this set as more of a treat for my self after going makeup for a wedding but I also wanted to try this because I love acrylic nails but I hate nail salons I worked so many in pharmacy seeing nail fungal infections but Annnny way. So I’m not going to lie this has been to most fiddy I’ve played with And reviewed for you guys. One because I wanted to find the best/easiest way to apply them and two tell if your going to do your own acrylic nails your going to want them to look good am i right!.

First of all the tiny nail fine that comes with the kit does shit all and I’m not going to lie it is the smallest thing ever for what your doing what I recommend is going to the reject shop or a $2 shop and get the roughest cheapest nail file there (don’t worry it won’t be used on you nails just on the acrylic). in all honesty what better better person to test this kit out that some one with an essential tremor. sooo after doing 2 sets of acrylics and spending 2-3 days watching youtube videos I discovredthat the best way to do these nails is the “dip methord” where you brush the acrylic liquid over the nail then dip it in the acrylic powder do as many layers as you want till the nails are as think as you want them then file buff and paint.  

 The kit comes with 20 white tip and 20 clear tip nails. As well as the small nail file acrylic liquid, acrylic powder and nail glue. I got 2 sets of acrylics out of the kit. And you can get infil kits for $14.95 


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