Boe professional custom contour & highlight 


For those of you on a budget this product is great! And considering I’m still job hunting that counts me in for sure. A simple easy afordable kit this brand unfortunately I’ve had only hit and misses but this product it’s self is a hit oviously. The highlight is a awesome nice shimmer which is what all girls want am I right???? I love me some shimmer highlight. Off the top of my head I think I paid $12-$15 for it I liked it better than the Australis just because I feel I end up with colours I won’t use in Australis I’m a pale gal and I found I used all the highlights from the Australis and only one contour and I’m not going to lie I just hate product wastage. 

I did get the light one in this range me being old and all but I do find you really have to remember to tap off the excess before applying or you can get that super blog look at the start oh dear your contour (it’s also about the brush you use oviously). I just personally love a powder contour but I’m all about the ballence and in make up school we where told contour should be 2 shades darker than your natural colour I feel that makeup companies out there have totally ignored that done what ever they want for money. But never mind my hunt for an afordable kit that’s right will continue!. In saying that this is the best one I’ve found so far don’t get me wrong just remember that a little it better than a lot. 

The boe range like most of you may already know is only available at big w stores. Big w store finder

Holly xx


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