Silicone glove protective hand cream

I forgot how much I loved this hand cream!. being a makeup artist having to wash brushes a lot of brushes and even just constantly testing stuff in the back of my hand really dry’s my hands out fast. I mean that I can not go into a shop with out trying 10 lipsticks on the back of my hand and 6 eye shadows up my arm you know you have enough makeup but your just always finding your self looking. anyway back on track this hand cream is really fast absorbing which is what I love it a hand cream I am known for being obsessed with hand cream so I’m always on the hunt for the perfect responsibly priced one these ones are always going on and off special so all way get it what ins on sale. now it is from Avon and I know I’m a rep but I’m not getting paid to do this blog in fact I have to get a hell of a lot of sales to earn any thing its more of a hobby for me. just to clear that up.

I just really love this hand cream. it has silicone which helps put a protective layer on your hands to help well obviously protect them, as well as being fast absorbing because well nobody likes the hand cream that leaves such a greasy residue that you can open doors after.

holly xx




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