All about my red hair 


So a lot of people are commenting on my red hair asking about how I maintain it and keep it from killing my hair. So here I go …. 


fascinelle red violet
the tube on its own
The colour I use is the fascinelle red violet I so far can only find it in on place in Canberra but that’s Canberra so if it’s out of stock I have to settle for the a straight colourRoyale red but it’s not as fun. This colour because it’s salon you have to but the peroxide mixer separate I started useing salon colours because it works out cheaper in the long run with my long hair because I can mix as much as I need. 

creme peroxide

Before you pick oxygen % check with the staff at the shop you buy it at the one I use is so low because I’m sure you guys have seen my hair before I dyed it …. It’s blonde blonde so I oviously didn’t need a high strength peroxide to lighten it. 


loreal elvive colour-protect leave in condictioner
Red hair maintenance can dry your hair out if your not careful and factors like the sun can fade you’re colour the biggest problem with reds is that it fades easy if you don’t watch out. This one has uv protection in it. 

de lorenzo nova fusion cherry red

De lotenzo nova fusion cherry red shampoo is a colour depositing shampoo this stuff is amazing it helps keep your hair colour bright while also shampooing!. (Excuse my dogs nose in the picture she was being a brat gotta love her) hair dressers recommen you wash you hair 2 times because this shampoo is on the expensive side I wash with a normal super market or Avon brand shampoo first (depending on what’s cheapest) then go in with this baby. I also only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. 

vo5 hot oil mask

These things are amazing and inexpensive I got these are Priceline for $6.99 it comes with 4 tubes one treatment a week so it lasts a month wooo!  This one unlike other hair treatments you put under the hot water in the shower to warm it up the put the tube In your hair leave for one mine then wash your hair like you normally would. 

one tube one treatment

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