Holly Maree world – Life updates 

Hi hi all 

So this is just a life update post for all of you I’ve made some changes to my blog/YouTube/makeup artists page and just life in general thought I would start going them monthly for you guys just for something different now that all my study and stress I’d over I’ll be around more!. That’s a promise!. 

I started as an Avon sales representative while I’m looking for work because well I needed something to do with my spare time my profits are not much but I just needed some thing to keep me entertained. 

I’ve created a Facebook profile for all things makeup artistry, blogging, Avon and beauty and a little about my every day life so if you wish at add me as a friend go ahead im as Holly maree mua (please note this account is professional based for May career and rudeness, swearing or trolling will not be tolerated). Please remember and makeup services I talke about are Canberra, Australia based as well.


my public facebook account
I have a post coming up about my red hair and how I maintain it for all of you that have questions because I know I know it can be a bit of work. 

Holly xoxo


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