Goodbye 2015

Well wow 2015 is over bye bye gone so in reflection wow what a year…………..

Do what you love! Made for makeup!.
It started off as a dream that I never thought I would accomplish. . . . About 3-4 years ago I was having lunch with a friend and she said to me your hand is shaking heaps that was the first time I noticed it. Over the the next week I noticed it more and more I went to my dr asap and got sent to a neurologist he told me I had a neurological disorder called essential tremor and its progressive. It can not be cured but only controlled with medication used for high blood pressure . . . Which makes me have other problems. 
When I moved to Canberra I decided I didn’t want to go back into pharmacy and one day it hit me why not makeup I love it so much but I was a bit unsure of it because of my essential tremor I thought long and hard about doing this for a month. Just after my 29th birthday last year I decided I was definitely jumping in and doing it .

 This yeah I accomplished things that I never in my life thought I would do. From work experience for one of Joy. – weather  video clip to helping fashfest and my most proud being the sole volunteer work experience at Jesus Christ superstar arena spectacular!. I did more than 140 hours work experience when I only needed 80 abs I worked my hardest to find ways around my tremor. So I may not have got student of the year or “the one to watch” awards but honestly that doesn’t bother me at all because I was so scared that my tremor would stop me from doing what I truly wanted to do. 


I did photo shoots in an abandoned orphanage, parks, studios, garages all random places I would never think of. I met interesting people saw interesting things. It’s definitely make me more comfortable with a lot of thing. 
 There’s only one problem…… Now I love makeup more! 

So goodbye 2015 you where totally not what I expected not that I went in with expectations or any kind. I feel the year went so fast. 

Holly Maree xx 



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