Physicians formula Happy booster blush 


 This blush looks so pretty I didn’t want to use it!!  

This is a really shimmering blush I’ve started to like more Matt blushes and bronzers lately just so it doesn’t take away attention from highlight but I’m not going to lie the look of this was one of the main reasons I was drawn to it. 

I found that the brush that comes with this like most makeup companies it’s useless some people might like it. It might just might be that I’ve become a custom to high end brushes now But it’s this little flat thing…. I’ll let you guys be that judge of it. I found that you could easily take this blush to far the line for to little and to much is very fine line. 

flat blush brush that comes with

It has a mirror which I thought was cute but unnecessary it’s that little bit to small to really get a good look it and if you apply your makeup correctly you shouldn’t need to carry it around.  

This is one of those products where I like it you would I go out and buy it again……. Probably not.  


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