The body shop lip and cheek stain

  The body shop lip and cheek stainz 

This is one product I’m sad to say I’m not a fan on 😦 I got this one with the thought of grad I’ve used different brand ones in the past and there been fine but they weren’t available any more so I tried this one. 

Now don’t get me wrong this product does work but you can’t just put it on and go like I wanted to. I found you have to do a few layers to get a decent colour out of it. If your not careful you get patchy parts. So when grad day came around and I was running out of time and had to do lipstick in the car I didn’t have the time to do the hole three even layers and let it dry I mean it’s in the car right!. I’m good but not that good haha. I haven’t tried this product on cheeks it says you can but I’m a bit scared to, to be honest. I would just this product up for sure but I wouldn’t go out and buy it again. 

Holzy xoxox


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