Diy make up brush spot cleaner

Hey guys it’s me again, holly maree.

Today I thought I would give you give a run down of a brush cleaner I use for in my kit and at home. I use this for brush I used dry products only I started making my own because that stuff gets expensive when you use it as much as I do. If I’m doing work that involves more than one person like a fashion shoot,  I always use a spot cleaner between clients for hygiene reasons. At home I use it I between washes I use it to get the excess dark colour eyeshadow out.  ** brushes for personal use should be given a good proper clean once a week** 

What you will need:

1. A empty spray bottle.

2. Water 

3. Isopropyl alcohol ( rubbing alcohol/ isocol) 

4. Liquid hand soap 

Empty spray bottles you can get in the travel section at most beauty stores or pharmacys. Water well that’s self explanatory I hope. Isopropyl alcohol in the first aid section at supermarkets or pharmacy and same for hand soap (I prefer the foaming one poured from the bottle  I just find it mixes better) 

The mix depends on the size of the bottle I personally do 2 parts isopropyl alcohol (to sanitizer the brushes) 2 parts water and 1 part hand soap ( helps keep brushes soft and with cleaning). I also find the the hand soap takes the harsh alcohol smell out of it
Holzy xoxo



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