Australis browz it!


I honestly have never really used brown wax on my brows people have been raving about this and I waited to see cause I was just a little hesitant in using it. So far I would say its pretty good. I find this product isn’t good for really fair hair just because the wax is dark and since I dyed my hair red it looks so much better on me now. this kit is really good for high impact statement brows and shuttle soft ones all depending on how much product you use and colours ect. Which is another reason why I love it. I originally wanted the other bow kit they that also came with a brow highlighter powder that was a little shimmer highlight powder that you can use to highlight the brow bone but when I went in to the Priceline to get it it was out of stock so I settled for this one. ….. Sad. 

First of all I love how Australis put super simple easy instructions on the back of this product! I’m a makeup artist and I still stopped and read the back. I love when makeup companies take the time to do stuff like this because we all started at some point. My mum isn’t into the hole makeup and beauty thing so when I was growing up I was in the dark. I also loved that these kits come with tweezers because we all always find a stray hair when filling in our brows. Last but not least the double ended brush. 

So when I was blonde natural colour I just used just the lightest colour without the wax but now I’m red (and loving it!) I use a mix of all colours depending on what makeup look I’m going for and how dark I want them. 



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