Australis ready set go finishing powder.

This power is pretty good. In classes we always got told if makeup is applied correctly you should not need to touch up when I first herd that on the first day of makeup school I thought really I touch mine up all the time but now a year later and 2 weeks from finishing my diploma I realize more and more how true this is if you apply your makeup correctly it will last all day!. This is where setting your foundation is really important helps it stay in place all day.

This powder I’ve been using for about 2 months and I’m not going to lie I’m really loving it. This is one of those powders that I easily find to much comes out but I easily fixed that by instead of peeling the plastic that’s on it when you get it I just got a pin from my sewing kit and poke a few of the holes. I wish makeup companies would change that in there package honestly. Any way. . . . 

I use a puff or a powder brush to apply this product. Now I know that there is a lot of people out there that do this and it can actually compromise the longevity of your foundation please don’t wipe powder or sweep it on with a brush you need to pat it on wiping will actually move your foundation so it’s a big no no. BUT at the end of the day each to there own.

This powder gave my foundation a lovely matte finish and I’m not going to lie I love a matte Finnish. I think because I’ve had so many problems with oily skin that I love the matte finish so much I find on my self personally matte looks best.  This gives me the perfect matte finish and it stays that way all day. Its translucent so you can put it over any foundation and it won’t change the colour of it. Iv used this over the top of napoleon, covergirl and Rimmel foundations and haven’t had any  problems. 

I recommend you all try this one. 

Holly xoxo

**all the products I’m my blogs are based on my opinion alone and I use the products for 1-2 months before blogged so I get a really feel for the product thank you for reading ** 


3 thoughts on “Australis ready set go finishing powder.

  1. Try the Face of Australia setting powder! It’s really cool! For darker skin tones I find this leaves me with a slight white cast over my makeup, despite me not using a lot.

    Also, if you have a chance please have look at my new blog, I am hosting an International IG Giveaway 🙂

    Krys x

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