estee lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara 

this is a more  high end mascara I know I know I’m point out the obvious. Since moving to Canberra I’ve been tight on money to buy the high end makeup products I love so much so when my mother gave me this baby there was no saying no was there. 

I always had a love for a napoleon one and I still do it is priced at $39. This Estée Lauder one is priced at $54 which almost gave me a heart attack! But when you think about it on a product you apply once a day it last.  I love the way this mascara makes me lashes look but I almost want to hate it just because of the price ……. But I just can’t 

 I would totally buy this again if I had extra money saved up I believe it’s worth it.
Holzy xoxo 


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