The body shop honey bronze higherlighter

This is a lovely little highlighter from the body shop I’m really loving highlighter ever since I started my makeup artistry training!!! omg that shine when the light hits. any way hence I’ve started my little adventure to discover the perfect highlighter. (insert thought of makeup montage montage) annnnnnd that’s how I came across this baby now I’m not going to lie this is my favourite highlighter I’ve found so far.

it comes in 3 dare I say slightly different shades for $29.95 which I personally think isn’t to badly priced if I was to pick a high lighter out of the ones Ive blog before (boe professional)  I would defiantly go for this one.

At first I thought this product was a powder but when I got home its not that that bothers me totally mind blew me though because of the way it looks.


In fact this product is like is cream ( but it’s really solid if that makes sense ) all you have to do really is rub your finger on the top of it then rub in circular motion on the areas of the face you would like it eg. Cheek bones. Boom highlight!. 




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