Elegant touch express press on nails 

While wondering Coles I came across these and they reminded me of my childhood so obviously I bought them for nostalgic reasons. 
I’m not going to lie I really went in with the assumption that that they would fall off  .When I was a kid stick on nails never lasted long. I had them on for a day before a went crazy and pulled them off but that was mainly because the little gap between the nail glue ending and the fake nail ended kept getting caught in my hair and y’all know how massively long my hair is. It’s like nails down a chalk board to me. 
The glue in these is pretty strong I was really surprised. If you want fake nails for an event but can’t quite afford them these are really good. I would recommend them. The only annoying apart was they said 2 minutes to apply which is true but it takes a while fiddling to get the sizes ect. 

It took me an hour in the end to got sizes and applying them. 

Holzy xoxo  


excuse my star wars pjs


4 thoughts on “Elegant touch express press on nails 

  1. Love your claws 💖 I agree there’s a lot of fiddling trying to find a nail to fit !! I actually bought some elegant touch nails for Halloween but I didn’t glue mine I used adhesive tabs cos I didn’t want to damage my nails.

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