Curls with no heat for those who don’t want to use curling wands.

Hi hi my lovelys. 

Today I’m doing a blog for those out there like me that don’t like to use to much heat on there hair my hair is naturally curly but not the way I like it I like big tame non frizz curls and mines the opposite. So here’s what I do. 


wollworths select 28 roller pack

I use these old school rollers the “self holding rollers” aka Velcro rollers I would like to warn you all in advance if you have hair as long as mine you will need Bobby pins to hold them in place. 

herbal essence tousle me softly mousse

The herbal essence tousle me softly mouse is really good for this its only a hold level 2 so it’s Souter flexible and helps the curls hold of place as they are in the rollers. I use this because I found that most of the curls got killed when I pulled the rollers out without something to hold them. 

All I do it wash my hair towel dry it and put the mousse in t brush and put the rollers in and pin them in to place I leave them in over night there not the most comfortable things the sleep in but once your asleep your asleep. 


rollers in and pinned in place
The next morning I leave them in until I’m getting ready then I take them out and put a little hair spray in and all is curly 


curls after taken out
The will drop a bit specially if you have hair as long as mine but that’s to be expected 

Holzy xx


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